For the longest time I debated between blogging about ugly me or awesome me, and which one I wanted to put out there in the world. I finally came to the conclusion that to leave either of those out would be inauthentic, so I decided to name my blog, “Rant, Rave, and Thrive.” This so perfectly describes the way I go through life. Things happen. Really hard things happen, and I totally freak out, but then I find a way to make it. So I rant and rave – and then eventually, I figure out a way to thrive.

I’m still here. I’m breathing, therefore, in a way, I am thriving no matter what. I will share my story bit by bit, the lessons I’ve learned, and the lessons I am learning every day. I don’t plan on ever having this messy life figured out, but I will never stop working towards becoming me. It’s all any of us can do.